A Pathfinder RPG/Starfinder RPG crossover

The campaign starts off within the Eldryxius System. A system consisting of nine planets and one sun. The inhabited planets are Ark, Arkius, Arkorvia, Diven, Divous, Divalor, Shador, Shadikai, and Shadominus. The sun is called Eldryx. It is unlike other suns of the multiverse. It is an unatural creation of magic and technology. Thus it is inhabitable and the capital planet of the Eldryxius System. Home to the Eldryxian Empire, divided into three factions. Arkanian, Divinian, and Shadoria,n each owning three planets of there own. The first three listed to Arkanian, the second three listed to Divinian, and the third three listed to Shadorian. Each faction follows a specific magical type. Arkanian is arcane, Divinian is divine, and Shadorian is shadow. The three faction are constantly at war with one another and fighting for ultimate control of the Eldryxian Empire. In the long process of this war, the factions have advanced technology into an almost space age level. They discovered magic when converted into it's raw form to be a powerful energy source. This energy source is called Primal Energy. Using this energy source, World Gates have been invented allowing instant travel to any other World Gate thru a magically generated portal. This allows travel to other planets as well. This advancment in technology has also been used in the creation of weaponry and armor, including better firearms and powered armors. More advanced vehicles and siege engines are also existant though far more complicated. Your goal in this campaign is simple: find a way to end this conflict between the factions.

Starting Info: 2 level 1 classes, NO homebrew

any race, NO homebrew

1000gp starting money

1000gp worth of starting equipment including 1 masterwork weapon with which you gain proficienty as it is a living, bonded, heirloom and it levels with you.

30 points for abilities which start at 10, can't go higher than 18 in this way, and can't go lower than 8 in this way, not including racial bonuses.

A short, detailed backstory for your character is required as it will tie into the campaign.

P.S. this campaign has a multiclass requirement and scales to level 50 with fast level progression and yes the monsters, quests, loot and such are also scaled to level 50.

Chronicles of Eldryxius